Jon gets his first deer with the bow

Last year was my first year bow hunting and I made every rookie mistake possible.  I spent a tremendous amount of time in the woods last year but was never able to connect. 

This morning I had to pass on 5 bucks and didn’t see a doe (in NJ you have to shoot a doe first).  Tonight I watched a doe pass by just out of range and before I could be disappointed about that I looked over my should and saw 2 does coming in.  By the time I assessed the situation there was a third doe on the scene.  I had been down this road before.  Too many eyes and I will get busted soon. 

Something behind them made a noise and they all looked away from me.  I took that opportunity to draw back.  Just as I was getting lined up, the doe I had the pin on turned and faced me.  No more broadside shot.  I held and held and held and held until my arm was getting so tired it started shaking.  Well, all the shaking unknocked the arrow.  luckily the QAD ultra rest prevented the arrow from falling.  But now I had to let off without being detected.  I luckily did so, cautiously reset the arrow, and waited for my next opportunity.  When she started to turn away from me I pulled back and let her have it. 

11 yd shot and she went down just 30 yards away.  The other deer had no idea what happened.  They kept milling about under my stand and while I collected myself a spike buck comes walking in and checks out the luminock.  He then joins the other two and just mills around.  They were just hanging around in the area and eventually I scared them away so I could get down.  They were all so close and clueless.  Where were all these deer last year?  This year I am using scent eliminator and moved my stand 4 ft higher to feet.  I think both help alot.

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