About Tettambel.com SB Squares:
  • This is just like the "superbowl squares" most clubs and offices run at the end of the NFL season.

New Features:

  • You now can sign up for multiple squares at one time and only have to input your name/email ONCE for all squares
  • You now can highlight your own squares you signed up by clicking on "My Squares" at top left
    • Here you can print all 100 squares that will fit on 1 normal page. You can highlight your own squares before printing
    • You now can find out how much you owe in the control panel which will include the paypal fee as well.

How it works:

  • SIGN UP:
    You can sign up for as many squares as you want by clicking the amount of checkboxes you want, then click Submit.
  • Each square must be purchased for a price the commish chooses. Hovering your mouse over the square will tell you the price.
  • Once you sign up for any squares you want, your squares will show up "Pending" until you send payment to commish
  • Once your payment is confirmed, your square will turn to "Confirmed"
  • When all 100 squares are filled up, the commish will run the script to randomly select #'s going horizontal and vertical from 0-9
  • During or after the actual NFL game, the commish will input the scores at the end of each quarter (4 quarters).
  • If the last digit of the score matches any of your squares, you win the pot for that quarter. You can win up to 4 times per square.
  • Ties at the end of the 4th quarter end this game. There is no overtime payout.
  • Example:
    If the score is Cheifs 14 and Tampa Bay 3 at the end of the 1st Quarter
    Follow the grid and find the square that has Cheifs 4 (last digit of score) and Tampa Bay 3. If you own that square, YOU WIN!
    There's a winner every quarter.
    Ties at the end of the 4th quarter end this game. There is no overtime payout.


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