Madison fox hunt #2

It has been two years since our last fox hunt together. This time we saw a fox on the way to our spot. We didn’t think we spooked him too bad so we went and set up and gave it a few minutes for everything to settle down. I put out the decoy and turned on titmouse tantrum. Within 60 seconds we had a fox coming. It stopped about 45 yards out and stood on a mound. It couldn’t make us out but definitely hung up. I let one fly and unfortunately missed the mark. We went over to double check and found no evidence of a hit. Party was over til next time but Madison was so excited to be out there and did great with understanding our setup.

Mason wrestling video to get pumped for state qualifiers this weekend

Madison Birthday video

A look back at Madison from her date of being “borned”, as she says, until her 7th birthday.

Madison’t team 1st place in cheer competition!

Madison and JRD win their competition at Hunterdon North – Second win in consecutive weeks!

Mason Football / Madison Cheer

JRD football vs Warren Boro

JRD Wins (actual score 19-12). Mason had a nice TD!

Dream Riders!!! Linda wilderness camping

Linda and several friends went on an exciting 6 day camping adventure in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. It was a 17 mile horseback ride to camp!

Football results – Sept 10, 2017 Mason gets two 2 pt conversions.

July 4th 2017! The Finale video and a couple pictures

Niagara 2017!

We had an action packed weekend in Niagara Falls. In addition to all of the falls activites – we saw a magic show where mason got called up on stage, got in a tiger’s cage, played in the arcade, went to a water park, a round of mini-golf, a road trip to Lake Ontario, the butterfly conservatory, ate at Skylon (rotating restaurant high above the city), and Madison finally discovered that bacon is awesome.