Jun 222008

Mike and CVH travelled to Pittsburgh this weekend for a Run, Mountain Bike and Swim race. Much like a mini-triathalon except that they were running up ski slopes, biking difficult terrain, and had to navigate for themselves and check in at different check stations on the course.

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Jun 132008

On a whim we decided to enter him. Rudy did great for his first time. We also got to see the national champion today. kim took some great photos and we had a great day. He got to jump 4 times overall. Whatever the farthest back part of the body to hit the water, that is their measurement. Rudy’s max was 9ft 8 inches. By comparison, the winning dog when we left was 21 ft 4 inches. Some of these dogs can fly. Rudy has a tendency to line-drive into the water (which may have something to do with my throws – and he also takes off early. We were just happy he jumped ( a couple other new dogs wouldn’t). **Pictures will advance automatically

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Jun 052008

Inspired by watching prison shows on National Geographic- Jon installs a pull up bar in the garage. Already a part of the regular gym routine – adding pull ups at home should get it to the next level.

Pull up bar

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