NC State v. ECU

Jon’s first buck with the bow

It’s been a great week for me.  Got my first doe on Saturday and tonight my first buck.  He’s nothing big, but it was a win for me.  State land using climber.

Tonight I set up in a lucky spot and was covered in deer.  There were two other bucks were milling around.  Another small 6 and a 4.  Lots […]

Pushup Challenge v3

Jon, Mike, and Jeff are kicking off another month long pushup contest on Sept 18, 2008
The loser pays the winner’s fantasy football dues.  2nd place gets nothing.
Totals will be updated here regulary:
Jeff:    Week1:  660    Week 2: 2171  Week 3: 4444    Total: 8830
Mike:  Week 1: 860   Week 2: 2800  Week 3: 4100    Total: 9075
Jon:    Week 1: 850    Week 2: 2400  Week […]

Jon gets his first deer with the bow

Last year was my first year bow hunting and I made every rookie mistake possible.  I spent a tremendous amount of time in the woods last year but was never able to connect. 
This morning I had to pass on 5 bucks and didn’t see a doe (in NJ you have to shoot a doe first).  […]

Mike & Jon shoot Canadians

Well – Canadian ducks and geese that is.  We went to Alberta for a spectacular waterfowl hunt.  More pictures and details inside.