Jun 202009

Great Grandma and Grandpa Tettambel come from St Louis and Grandpa & Diane come from NC.  Brief visit by Uncle Mike who drove up from Annapolis and back in one day.

We enjoyed a great weekend with the family.  We used the opportunity to take a Four Generation photo with Harold Edward, James Edward, Jonathan Edward, and Mason Edward Tettambel.


Here are some other pictures from the weekend.  Lot’s of eating and hanging out with Mason.


And then Great Grandpa T shared some photos from when he was younger.  And some other photos of relatives and when Jim was just a baby.  There is a photo here of Harold when he is 3 years old in 1931.  Great photos.

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Jun 142009

Exciting weekend.  First Mason and Rudy had some bonding time.

Then Mason tries to escape the bassinet vortex:

Drumroll please for Mason’s mullet.  Nothing like being born with a mullet!

Some Playtime with Grandma

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Some real nice flowers Grandma brough all the way from her garden in North Carolina.

Another Bath! Mason loves his baths.

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