Mar 072010

In 1984 Jim and Linda were far ahead of their time when they bought a camcorder. This camcorder was about 18 inches long and you still had to carry around a VCR to record with it. One of the early recordings was Jon’s 8th birthday celebration and party. A couple highlights are Mr T’s water war, Jeff and Mike dancing, and mike throwing a double while bowling at the young age of 5.

Jon’s 8th Birthday

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Mar 032010

Digitally remastered videos of old – including Sky Diving, Sedona AZ, the first South Dakota video, a random combo video of 131st preakness and Mike’s trip to Colorado, and Montana Fly Fishing.


South Dakota 2002

Kim Skydiving

Jon Skydiving

Montana Fly Fishing

131st Preakness and Colorado

Bass Fishing with Mike, Jon, & Pat

Bass Fishing with Jon, Pat, & Erik

Jon & Pat in London Part 1, Part 2

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