Dec 192009

Mason is 7 months old today!

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Dec 172009
All of my boys in one picture!

All of my boys in one picture!

Mason will be 7 months on Saturday!  I can’t believe how quick the time has gone.  We think he may have a little reflux happening, so we are trying a liquid antacid to see if that does the trick — more on that in a few days!

Mason’s new thing — the “No” face.  If he does not like something you are doing (or trying to feed him for that matter), you get THIS face.  I absolutely love it.  He is not crawling yet, but getting better sitting up on his own.  He mastered the sit position from front to back — now we just have to stop the side to side wobbling.

It’s exciting to share his first christmas, with his first “baby” cousin AVA, who is also having her first christmas this year.  We will have lots of pictures to share… stay tuned…

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